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Firearm Motivation Endorsements
Following numerous refusals in the past ("not convinced of need" or "not suitable for hunting"), the Hunters-SAPS Forum agreed with the SAPS that if the applicant's accredited association endorses a firearm as suitable for the stated purpose, the Police must accept it unless they have a specific technical reason why they disregard the endorsement. Click HERE to download the Microsoft Excel Form, fill it in and e-mail it back to SA Wingshooters for evaluation and processing. Our official endorsement will then be e-mailed back to you, free of charge as part of our Firearms Helpline under the Membership Benefits Programme. Office tel. 011 781 3613.

shot The Minister of Police announced (2 Nov 2010) a major revamp of the Central Firearms Registry. He acknowledged that "it is crystal clear that significant problems still exist" and undertook to fix things as a matter of national priority. An "Intervention Team" is being established to implement major changes, including management changes at the CFR and to resolve all outstanding backlogs within the next 9 months. Click HERE for a download of the full statement by the minister.

Meanwhile, two separate legal actions are currently before the courts regarding the consitutional validity of certain aspects of the Act and the payment of compensation for firearms which are surrendered in terms of the Act. Members will be kept up to date on the latest developments.

All firearms for which application has been made for renewal of the licences, will be legal if proof is produced that the application for renewal of the licences had indeed been made (SAPS 523: Acknowledgement of Receipt of Firearm Documentation) or at least the payment receipt.

New Licensing Fast-track Procedures!
In an effort to speed up the firearms licensing procedures and to address the backlog at police stations, the Firearms Registry has issued new directives to speed up the processing of applications. Click HERE to download the Guidelines.



This programme gives Wingshooter members the opportunity to participate in the internationally-based Postal Shooting Programme. Target shooting with handguns and rifles are fun and you improve your skill level! Participants receive Occasional Sport Shooting Certificate for their handguns and rifles, and there are exciting prizes to be won in the annual competition. For more information. contact SA Wingshooters:

Office tel. 011 781 3613.

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