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The issues under this subject are extremely complicated. It is almost impossible to give sound advice in general regarding the use of a firearm in self defence because each case or incident is different. Advice regarding the use or non-use of a firearm can be totally contradictory and options can be right or wrong, it all depends on the circumstances and the legal intricacies.


The standard advice is: In general, do not confront anyone or try to make an arrest with a firearm. You may not shoot anyone unless your life is threatened and you are unable to escape or avoid the attack in any other way. The response must be immediate and proportionate to the threat to you or another person, but the subject matter is a legal minefield! The subject of making an arrest is even more complicated than shooting in self defence. It is full of uncertainties and no hard and fast guidelines can be given.

The bad news is therefore that an application for a licence for a handgun or shotgun, or for the renewal of such a licence on the strength of a need for self-defence, will only succeed if it can be shown that all other reasonable steps have been taken and that a handgun really is the option of last resort for self defence. So, unless you can show that the handgun is used for sport or leisure target shooting (or for hunting in the case of specialist handguns), the possibility of successful renewal is slim indeed.

Accordingly, it was decided to launch our in-house Postal Shooting Programme for handguns and rifles. The special focus of the PSP is on leisure target shooting for fun with handguns and rifles. Join the programme before you renew those licences!

The new Postal Shooting Programme of SA Wingshooters, is aimed at handgun and rifle owners who are members of SA Wingshooters, which is accredited as a hunting association by the SA Police Services in terms of the Firearms Control Act.

The PSP focuses on the use of handguns and sporting rifles in target shooting for sport and leisure. The Postal Shooting Programme is based on the postal shoots of the National Rifle Association of the USA and is part our mission to promote safe and responsible firearm ownership amongst our members.

The postal competitions make provision for both rimfire and centrefire pistols and revolvers as well as sporting rifles. 'This is an exciting development and we look forward to active participation by our members in the PSP programme,' said Raoul van der Westhuyizen, chairman of SA Wingshooters. 'We urge all members to take part in this initiative. What's more, it's fun!'