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What should a person do if he or she is no longer interested in possessing a licenced firearm?

  1. You must take the firearm and/or ammunition as well as the following documentation with you to the Designated Firearms Officer:
    • Your official identity document
    • Your legal authority to possess the firearm, eg firearm licence, permit, etc.
    • Letter of appointment as executor, if the firearm is handed in on behalf of the person who inherited the firearm

  2. Any person who no longer desire to possess any licenced firearm may dispose of such a firearm in the following manner:
    • Hand the firearm to a licenced firearm dealer
    • Sell the firearm to another person who has successfully obtained a licence to possess such firearm
    • Deactivate the firearm
    • Hand the firearm to the South African Police Service for destruction2

  3. The process to voluntarily hand the firearm to the South African Police Service is as follows:
    • You will be requested to complete the relevant section of the SAPS 522 (a) (Surrendering of firearm item) form.
    • The Designated Firearms Officer or Designated Member at the police station will take possession of the firearm and/or ammunition.

  4. If your firearm licence is still contained in your identity document, it will be cancelled.

  5. You will receive a signed acknowledgment of receipt (SAPS 523) as proof that you handed in the firearm and/or ammunition.

  6. The firearm and/or ammunition WILL be destroyed. After the firearm has been surrendered to the South African Police Service, you cannot lay claim to such firearm. This service is free of charge.