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  1. After you have obtained a competency certificate, you must fully complete the relevant section(s) of the SAPS 271 (Application for a licence to possess a firearm) form that you must submit to the Designated Firearms Officer at the police station nearest to your usual place of residence.

  2. You must take the following documentation with you to the Designated Firearms Officer:
    • Your original official identity document
    • The original training certificate obtained from POSLEC SETA for instance 'Use of a shotgun' - No. 10754'
    • The original competency certificate issued by the Police
    • Letter of appointment as executor, if firearm is inherited
    • Two unobscured passport size colour photographs, not older than three months

  3. You must thoroughly motivate your application and submit supporting documentation in support of your motivation. You must attach an endorsement of your motivation from the Accrediated Association of which you are a member (i.e. SA Wingshooters).

  4. The Designated Firearms Officer will take a full set of your fingerprints on the SAPS 91(a) form.

  5. The Designated Firearms Officer will issue you with a remittance advice (SAPS 523(a)) and direct you to the financial office at the police station to pay the prescribed fee of R140.00. The payment must be made by means of cash or a bank-guaranteed cheque. You will be issued with an expenditure receipt (Z263) as proof of the payment that you must submit to the Designated Firearms Officer for further processing of your application.

  6. You will receive a signed acknowledgment of receipt (SAPS 523) as proof that you submitted an application for a licence to possess a firearm.

  7. The application form as well as the supporting documentation will be forwarded to the Central Firearms Register (CFR) for consideration. After the successful consideration of your application the Designated Firearms Officer will request you to obtain and install a firearm safe that complies with the SABS standards within 14 days. The Designated Firearms Officer will conduct a physical inspection of your premises to ascertain that you have in fact complied with the requirements for a safe. Upon receipt of the successful safe inspection report, your licence will be forwarded to you.

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