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The Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 with Regulations provides for dedicated members of an Accredited Hunting Association to be certified as Dedicated Hunters by that Association if they have successfully completed the relevant training and asssessment. According to the Act, Dedicated Hunters may have more than 200 rounds of ammunition for each licensed firearm, may apply for new licences/re-licences for more than four firearms in total and may apply for a licence/re-licence of a semi-automatic shotgun.

The 200 rounds limit is of particular importance to shotgunners since it is clearly inadequate for clay or wingshooting of any substance. The Act also requires an Accredited Hunting Association to have a dedicated procedure in place to regularly evaluate its dedicated members for their:
    (i) bona fides to be or remain a dedicated hunter or sports person, as the case may be; and
    (ii) dedicated participation in their applicable hunting or sports-shooting activities.
The Association must keep on record the particulars of the participation by a dedicated member in hunting or sports-shooting activities as a dedicated hunter or dedicated sport person and annually and before the official year end of the organisation or association submit to the Registrar a written report reflecting the details of all dedicated members whose registered dedicated membership with such accredited organisation or association terminated; and the reasons for the termination of such dedicated membership. This is a requirement BY LAW. The association has no choice but to comply!


In compliance with Regulations 4. (1) (c) & (d) of the Firearms Control Act, a member of SA Wingshooters who is a Dedicated Hunter, must regularly submit his/her report on ‘dedicated participation’ in hunting activities for ‘regular evaluation by dedicated procedure’:
  1. The dedicated member must take part in a Dedicated Activity on at least two separate occasions (days) during the year. A ‘dedicated activity’ is any of the following:

    a. A round (25 targets) of clay target shooting, at a shooting range registered with CompakSA or the Clay Target Shooting Association, or partcipation in an official clay shooting event of SA Wingshooters (e.g. Easter shoot),
    b. A gamebird-shoot (including a supervised rock pigeon shoot or a Community Shoot), or
    c. A gundog field trial or training workshop conducted by a gundog club recognised by SA Wingshooters.
    e. Any other hunting-related activity, including the hunting of furred game.

    At least two participations during the year are required. The details of the shoots must be entered in the Hunting & Shooting Log in the Wingshooters Pocketbook and countersigned by a shooting range official or the landowner. These details are kept in the log by the dedicated member in event of a validation request by the Association or the Police.

  2. Submit a Dedicated Activities Report annually to SA Wingshooters (when the membership renewal subscriptions are paid, or otherwise by the end of September each year). This consists of a summary of the Hunting & Shooting Log and a voluntary Gamebird Report (see form in the Addendum section).

  3. If the dedicated member was unable to participate in ‘dedicated activities’ during the year, reasonable grounds for such non-participation must be provided in a Not-Active Report.

  4. PLEASE NOTE: Non-compliance with the Act 60 Regulations, 2004 (i.e. not submitting any report) will invalidate the member’s Dedicated Hunter status.