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The reader, being a member in good standing of SA Wingshooters and having studied this guide together with the WINGSHOOTING handbook and SA Wingshooters’ pocketbook on the Codes of Conducts and Gamebirds Field ID, is invited to register for an assessment for the Dedicated Award in order to qualify for certification as Dedicated Hunter. Cost of this registration is included in price of the manual.

The Dedicated Award Scheme allows the member to be certified as Dedicated Hunter, but if the applicant is, for instance, younger than the minimum age for certification as Dedicated Hunter, he/she can still qualify for the Award in its own right. This award is valid indefinitely, but the Dedicated Member is required by the Firearms Control Act to remain active and participate in ‘Dedicated Activities’ as set out on page 5 of this manual. Failure to pass an assessment does not disqualify the applicant, who may make two attempts (on different dates) at passing the assessment. In the event of two failures, the candidate will be required to enrol in the formal Dedicated Award training course offered by SA Wingshooters.


  1. Obtain a copy of this Dedicated Award manual.
    This guidebook can be purchased from SA Wingshooters. The candicate will also need to refer to the handbook ‘WINGSHOOTING’ of SA Wingshooters for more information, as well as the ‘Wingshooters’ Pocketbook’ for the important codes of conduct, for the details of the Disciplinary Procedures and for the Shooter’s Log. Thanks to the sponsorship of Intervet, the pocketbook is initially issued to members free of charge.

  2. Obtain a Clay Shooting Certificate (Practical Assessment)
    This certificate is issued by a certified official of a Compak Shooting Range registered with SA Wingshooters and must document a total score of at least 50% on two rounds of 25 targets per round of COMPAK plus confirmation that the candidate’s handling of the shotgun meets the standard safety requirements at clay shooting consistent with generally accepted Olympic rules. This certificate is subject to internal moderation and verification under supervision of the Training Executive. There is no limit to the number of shooting attempts made.

  3. Attend the Dedicated Award Training Programme.
    This training programme is conducted by appointment with a training practitioner allocated by SA Wingshooters. The cost of the training programme depends on the number of learners in the group to a maximum determined by the training professional. Candidates can form voluntary study groups for this purpose. or, alternatively...

  4. Claim RPL and study this Manual in own time.
    The candidate studies this Dedicated Award manual in his/her own time, based on his/her technical merits in terms of Recognition of Prior Learning and accumulated expertise and experience.

  5. Register for an Assessment for the Dedicated Award (Theoretical Assessment).
    The registration for this assessment is free of charge. The registration form is available from the offices of SA Wingshooters, or it can be downloaded from the website. The applicable arrangements for the theoretical assessment (e-training or classroom-based) will be advised by the Training Executive of SA Wingshooters.

  6. The Assessment is undertaken.
    This is done by an assessor nominated by SA Wingshooters and is subject to internal moderation and verification under supervision of the Training Executive. The Assessment is free of charge and includes a written assessment paper and a written evaluation by the learner, which is communicated directly to the Training Executive. The learner may make a total of two free of charge assessment attempts (on separate dates). After two failures, the learner will be obliged to enrol for the Dedicated Award Training Programme before being re-assessed.

  7. Outcome of Assessment is advised.
    If successful, the Dedicated Award is issued free of charge. The learner has the right to appeal the outcome of the assessment in writing to the Executive Council.

  8. Dedicated Hunter Certificate is issued.
    The Dedicated Hunter Certificate is issued after due consideration by a Training Committee (the member has right of appeal) and ratified by the Executive Council of SA Wingshooters.