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One of the cornerstones of all learner and certification systems world-wide is that prior learning and embedded expertise be recognised formally. This is dependent on documentary evidence because of the legal liabilities associated with Dedicated Hunter certification by SA Wingshooters. Accordingly, recognition of prior learning (RPL) will be excercised in the following cases and the members thus certified as Dedicated Hunters in terms of the requirements of the Firearms Control Act (as amended) with regulations: waterfall

  1. Bona Fide Hunter Certificate issued by the South African Police Services in terms of the previous Arms and Ammuntion Act, 1969.

  2. Hunter’s Licence or Certificate formally issued by EU government agencies (e.g. German ‘Jagdschein’, French Hunter’s Licence).

  3. Professional Hunter Qualification certificate issued by a recognised PH training organisation or any Provincial Authority of the RSA.

  4. Current and valid Dedicated Hunter certificate issued by the National Shooting Association, the SA Hunters and Conservation Society, the Confederation of Hunters’ Associations of SA (CHASA) or any other hunting association that is accredited by the SAPS Central Firearms Registry.

In cases where persons can clearly demonstrate expertise and long-standing experience in wingshooting, SA Wingshooters may, after personal interviews and on the recommendation of its appointed assessors, and based on the evidence presented and subject to the approval of the Executive Council of the Association, issue a Dedicated Hunter certificate to such a person who must be a paid-up member in good standing and who meets the other crtiteria as set out under ‘Prior Knowledge Requirements’.