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The following embedded knowledge and proficiency by the candidate is required before the Dedicated Award assessment can be conducted and a Dedicated Hunter Certificate can be awarded. Candidates who do not meet the requirements (e.g. under age), are free to register for the Award and, if successfully assessed, will receive the Dedicated Proficiency Award, but can only be certified as Dedicated Hunter until the prior requirements are met.

  1. Minimum Age ó 16 years (in event of special merit, excemption may be granted).

  2. NQF Level 3 Learning (Standard VIII = Grade 10), including ability to read and write effectively.

  3. Not unfit to possess a firearm in terms of the provisions of the Firearms Control Act.

  4. Dedicated membership of the SA Wingshooters Association, paid up and in good standing and complying with the Associationís Codes of Conduct.

  5. Required reading: The WINGSHOOTING handbook (obtainable from the SA Wingshooters Association) and the Wingshooters Pocketbook on codes of conduct and gamebird identification (on website or obtainable on request).