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One of our main aims is to promote the conservation of indigenous gamebirds and their habitat through sustainable utilisation. At a time when the funds and manpower of the conservation agencies are dwindling it is clear that certain issues of national importance can only be addressed effectively through the private organisations.

One such issue, as indicated by conservation organisations, is our lack of knowledge on the status and trends of our gamebird populations on a regional and national level on which effective policy decisions, legislation and management should/can be based. In order to address this, the assistance of the members of SA Wingshooters, acting as field observers, is vital. This network, in collaboration with other surveys, will operate through a central data bank and will enable us to monitor population trends on a regional and national basis. This will not only aid legislation and forecasts for the hunting season but will also identify problem areas pro-actively. This assistance is entirely voluntary and very much appreciated.

This report is not compulsory and is not required of members to maintain their Dedicated Hunter status, but provides information vital to gamebird management in SA. Thank you for taking a few minutes to complete it and to send it to us. You can fill in several reports, e.g. for specific properties, or for a province in general.
    Population Trend
    Indicate with a cross in the relevant column whether the population has been stable () or has increased (+) or decreased (-) in the area, compared to the previous year.
    Population Status
    Indicate with a cross in relevant column:
      Scarce (-)
      Seldom seen or heard. Less than 10 birds seen or less than three groups heard per outing (francolin).
      Common (±)
      Often seen or heard. Between 10 and 100 birds seen or between 3 and ten groups heard per outing.
      Abundant (+)
      Numerous, more than 10 groups or 100 birds in area.
    Reproduction Success
      Bad (-)
      None or only few chicks seen
      Fair (±)
      Chicks often seen in breeding season
      Good (+)
      Virtually all adult groups with chicks
    Poisoning Indicate with a cross in the relevant column.

The alarming increase of reports on gamebird poisoning also urgently warrant action. Members are asked to report on cases of gamebird poisoning. The ultimate aim will be to find practical solutions to the problem that will benefit conservation and agriculture alike. SA Wingshooters and the Poison Working Group of the Endangered Wildlife Trust have each established substantial rewards for reports leading to conviction. The fine for deliberate poisoning is R40,000.

Report to fill in:
please print, fill in and Fax to: 086 211 5111

download the Gamebird Report Part 1
download the Gamebird Report Part 2