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The Southern African Wingshooters Association was formed by a group of leading clay and wingshooters in South Africa. It is South Africa's only SAPS-accredited national association dedicated exclusively to wingshooting in all its forms and to the conservation of gamebirds in Southern Africa. We offer our members exlusive bird shooting opportunities, we advise landowners on wildfowl and game bird management and we liaise with the authorities on conservation issues, shotgun shooting, gun legislation, shooting seasons and hunting licences. Overseas members are welcome! They can also join in local shoots!!
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The South African Wingshooters Association is accredited with the South African Police Services. This means that membership of the association is accepted by the Police as proof of the status of a member applying for listing as Dedicated Hunter for the purposes of obtaining a shotgun licence in terms of Act 75 of 1969.
SAPS-CFR Accreditation number: 1300080
Public Benefit Organisation number: 930009716
Non-Profit-Organisation number: 031-587-NPO

The Association negotiates exclusive hunting rights with landowners for its members and works closely with organisers of selected shoots to ensure the long term success of these special events. In addition, it promotes the conservation, management and development of South Africa's wildfowl and gamebirds through its membership of the DEAT Wildlife Forum. Join us today and you receive a membership certificate, membership card, a quartely glossy magazine and exclusive access to some of the best wing shooting available in Southern Africa!!
Included in the annual membership subscription is R10 million liability cover for your shooting activities, a first in South Africa!

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Dr Raoul van der Westhuizen
Founder and Chairman
Dr Alan Kloeck
Andre van der Westhuizen
Chief Executive & Magazine Editor
Etienne Polson
Legal Adviser and member of the Executive Council
Dagmar van der Westhuizen
Financial Controller
Ian Fitzpatrick
Printing and Media Consultant
Jan Roos
IT Consultant